A Completed Pair

Just to prove that I did, indeed, knit the second sock to match the first of the Variegated Rib Socks, here’s the visual proof.

I used Heritage Hand Painted Sock Yard (by Cascade Yarns). The skein contained 437 yards and I used most of it. There’s a small ball left. I think it’s interesting that both socks show a bit of pooling across the instep at the exact same spot. Now that’s matching!

Last time I posted here, I mentioned that I would be teaching a workshop on Knitting Paradise. The workshop was to instruct others in how I knit top-down socks using Magic Loop and to demonstrate, I used my basic sock pattern with a three-leaf-clover stitch pattern. The workshop is still running and going by comments made, it seems to be a success. I’ve been asked to do several more workshops for the Christmas in July series, so I’m working on a couple of more designs (socks and something else, maybe). We’ll see what happens.

What are you knitting today?


One thought on “A Completed Pair

  1. I want to thank Jill for the wonderful workshop she is teaching on Knitting Paradise. When I asked her to teach one of her patterns – she agreed and has done a fantastic job. She has taught some who have never knitted socks, and has helped those who have, make a beautiful pair of lacey socks. (Three leaf clover ribbed socks). we have asked her to continue teaching another two pairs for our Christmas series,”Let’s do Christmas early” which starts in July. I want to thank you, Jill for your successful and very pleasant workshop. The KP members who have taken it are very happy with what they have learned from you. We, as some of you know, are a very large forum of knitters and crocheters from around the world- and our teachers volunteer their efforts. Jill has done a wonderful job and we hope to continue asking her to teach our workshops – Our teachers all donate their time and expertise. Once again, great job Jill! Designer1234

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