Back again!

JillKnits is back online … finally. I changed hosts from the one that started out fairly well, but eventually made me feel (from their ads) that they were more of a soft porn provider, to one that has rave reviews online. I’m fighting with the software (WordPress)┬áby finding a glitch here and there that keeps logging me out before I’ve even had a chance to figure out where I am. Tech Support assures me that they’re working on a solution, but in the meantime, I have to figure out a work-around to get anything done. No problem … I can do this. I. Can. Do. This!

Those of you who read my last post (via my former host provider) know about my computer troubles of the past month or so. I’ve gotten most of it worked out now, recovered most of my programs and files, and seem to be mostly back on track. I was supposed to lead another sock workshop on Knitting Paradise this summer, but since I strongly suspect the virus that crashed my computer came from there (no fault of the forum itself, I’m sure), I had to withdraw. Plus, I haven’t been able to complete the new sock patterns I was working on because they had seemed to have just disappeared. I’ve since located most of them and will have at least one or two available within the next few weeks. I’ll make them available both here (if I can figure out how) and on Ravelry.

For now, I just wanted to let everyone know the site is back and, hopefully, I’ll be posting more frequently as I work on improving the site and getting it to look the way I want.

What are you knitting today?




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