One Finished Sweater

I know it’s been a long while since I last posted an entry here, but that doesn’t mean life has stopped. My world is being turned upside down (again), but I have complete faith that all will turn out just as it is meant to be. The details are not important, and they are really no one’s business but mine and my husband’s. The single most important thing is that our marriage and love for one another is more than strong enough to carry us through, over, or around any bump in our road together.

While we struggle through together, I still manage to find time to knit. And, I even finally finished one sweater that’s been on the needles for well over a year.

It looked like this for a long time…. 

Knit Picks fingering weight

And then became this….

Knit Picks fingering weight sweater

And, now finally, it has become this….

Knit Picks fingering weight sweater done

I’m not overly pleased with how it turned out. The design evolved from some small corner of my brain and it looked different, better somehow, in my mind’s eye rather than how it looks in its finally finshed form. I think I would have placed the waist ribbing much higher above the waist. I might also have placed the defining slipped stitches a bit differently. I do, however, love the neck shaping and the pockets and the i-cord edging.

Still, I’m happy it’s done and finished and wearable.

I’ve moved on to another sweater that’s been on the needles way too long: my alpaca design. It’s worked from the bottom up and I have the lower body completely finished, plus one front yoke. Now that I’ve actually decided how I want it to look, the knitting is coming along much faster. I may even get it finished before it gets too warm to even think about wearing alpaca. No photos for now, but I’m sure I’ll take some after it’s been blocked.

Several pair of socks have been conceived, knitted, and worn during all the sweater designing and knitting angst. Nothing special about them, other than I enjoyed the knitting, but then, socks have always been my favorite knitting project.

Keep your fingers crossed, think good thoughts for us, and I’ll post again when life is a bit more…settled.

What are you knitting today?

4 thoughts on “One Finished Sweater

  1. Love the sweater. Can’t tell from the pics what color it is…kind of looks like a stripe pattern. I agree the waist ribbing would look great a little higher, but I think the finished product is impressive as is. I still haven’t finished my sweater yet…the only I started well over a year ago. It’s in the queue.

  2. The yarn is made using strands of black and white giving it a tweeded look. I grossly over-estimated the amount of yarn I would need. I can make at least 4 pairs of adult socks out of what’s left and probably still have some left over. Want the yarn?

  3. Love you blob. You sound like a very strong person with a very high chin. Good for you. I loved your Alpaca sweater. Could you share the pattern with me or tell me where to find it. My husband would not wear any socks I make, and they always turn out georgeous, so it’s not like I make weird socks. He wouldn’t wear a sweater I made him eitherl. Guess he is a “store bought” person. But, he loves me knitting and loves how other people admire and appreciate the articles I make. I’m not into “gadget” knitting but sweaters, vests, socks and children are my specialties. Going to do a lace shawl soon. Well, thanks for listening and keep up the good blogs. I like your style of writing.

  4. I’m always glad to know someone is reading the blog. I know I don’t post often enough, but I’m a very slow knitter. I enjoy the process of knitting more than having a finished object, I suppose. The alpaca sweater evolved as I knit it without any real pattern, only an objective in my mind’s eye. Had I realized how much alpaca “grows” I would have knit it much smaller. I don’t knit many sweaters, but prefer the portableness of sock knitting. The leg of a sock becomes a blank canvass to try out new-to-me stitch patterns. I’m lucky in that my husband loves hand knitted socks.

    Again, thanks for reading my blog.

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