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Up until several weeks ago, I often made fun (with a shrug of the shoulders and a roll of the eyes) of those people, young and older, who always seem to have a cell phone attached to their hand or their face. How did people survive before cell phones became so readily available, I would ask myself. My attitude has changed dramatically. I am not holier than thou … or anyone else, for that matter. No, I didn’t lose my cell phone. I don’t even have one that works, and haven’t for nearly a year now. What happened to me was so much worse, in my opinion. My computer crashed.

Had I been able to write this blog entry a week or so ago, it would have been XXX-rated. The screaming invectives rattling around my brain would have exploded onto the page and … well, it wouldn’t have been pretty. The weird thing is that while I was mightily upset that my computer crashed, I was even more appalled at my reaction to being without my beloved laptop. I was devastated. All my knitting patterns gone. All my knitting programs gone. All my contact with the knitting world gone. All my written works-in-progress gone. All my recorded books gone. Well, not gone as in deleted, just gone as in I couldn’t access any of it. I was so unnerved that I couldn’t even knit on socks that I really don’t even need a pattern for any longer.

It all began when I clicked on a regularly received e-mail and followed the usual link contained therein that took me to an oft-visited knitting forum. While reading messages posted on the forum, my screen suddenly flashed and then went blue with some kind of white-lettered techno-babble scrolling down it. Restarting the computer was impossible, so we called our IT guru (our son) and pleaded for help. Days later, after running numerous diagnostic tests, he discovered a malicious virus and found a way to remove it. I finally had my laptop back, in perfect working order again, and with all my stuff intact and accessible. I was thrilled! The very next day, I received the usual forum digest e-mail, clicked on the link and … CRASH!

Knowing that, while not being able to use the computer was extremely difficult to handle, adding on to that by not being able to even touch the laptop made for guaranteed emotional upheaval, I determined to figure out how to fix it myself. Using the same method as before to get rid of a virus did not work. Using a Restore point did not work. Using a System Image did not work. The third try (not the first or second attempt, and no, I don’t know why) at returning the laptop to it’s original factory condition finally allowed me to once again have a working system. I have been very cautiously switching various programs around, adding some and deleting others, to bring the laptop back to a working state I find comfortable and useable.

I still get that daily digest of messages posted to the knitting forum, but I refuse to even open it. I haven’t notified the Admin of the site simply because I have no hard evidence, only a very strong suspicion that someone has attached a malicious virus to their e-mail system. I’m just taking no chances that my own system will crash again.

So, if you haven’t heard from me in awhile via e-mail or seen any posts by me on any forum or social networking site, now you know why.

Okay, I did manage to finish one sock of a pair. This is an absolutely horrible photo, but life’s been like that lately. I call them Sherbet Socks. I only have a toe to finish up and my husband will have a matching pair.

Sherbet Socks

So, what are you knitting today?

2 thoughts on “Tech Junkie, that’s me

  1. Sorry to hear of your computer troubles. I have heard one other person say they thought there might be a virus but have heard nothing else. Just checked and she says it was not KP.

  2. I haven’t heard of anyone having problems with KP — one person thought she had but found out it was her motherboard. Nice to hear from you. I hope I hear from you. Shirley

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